2020 - It Begins! – Herrick Creek Distillery

2020 - It Begins!

If you've found this site there's a good chance you've heard about Herrick Creek from myself and you're interested in what's going on! Well, right now it's all about paperwork and getting the initial go aheads to start making product. 

What's the plan?

1. We're going to start by making some barley base for our Resolution Dry Gin and a corn base for our Apple Pie Moonshine and Wet Jacket White Whisky.

2. We are looking for distributors, restaurants, or stores that are willing to take on some of our product. Understandably, we want these businesses to be able to taste the product they take on so we need to have some ready to go first.

We won't be selling directly online until we can sort out alcohol licensing with the Council (of course). So let your local store know if you'd like them to carry our product.

3. Ageing! It is our goal to start ageing product in barrels within the year and we have a couple recipes we want to start with. Keep an eye out and if you'd like to buy or fund a barrel, let us know!

We are doing everything in very small batches and it all takes time. We are not open to the public but I'm happy to take questions and will answer as best I can! If you have questions, comments, concerns etc, just email me. 

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