About Us – Herrick Creek Distillery

About Us

The Brand

At Herrick Creek, we are inspired by the legends and mysteries of Fiordland. Our brand is for explorers and adventurers who embrace the unknown and don't take themselves too seriously. Some of us even believe that there may still be moose wandering around Herrick Creek.

Our mission is to create small batch, uniquely New Zealand spirits that capture the spirit of adventure and the tales of Herrick Creek. Proudly made in Christchurch.


Craft Distilling - Grain to Glass

At Herrick Creek, we take pride in our small batch, artisanal approach to distilling. We use small, 50L and 200L pot stills at our headquarters in Christchurch to create our unique New Zealand spirits.

Our batches are small, with some numbering fewer than 20 bottles and our largest batch to date being 115 bottles. By carefully crafting each batch, we are able to ensure the highest quality spirits.


Our Goal

At Herrick Creek, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, locally-crafted spirits at affordable prices. We know that it can be expensive to produce alcohol in New Zealand, but we are committed to offering transparent, grain-to-glass spirits that are accessible to all.

We also hope to see more bars and restaurants stocking New Zealand products instead of mass-produced imported spirits. With your help and support, we can make this a reality. Thank you for choosing Herrick Creek and supporting local craft distilling.


  • Production began
  • New Zealand's First Corn Whisky Barrelled (Dusky)


  • First Explorer Series release - American Straight Bourbon,
  • The first ever New Zealand Blue Corn Whisky barrelled
  • 2021 Bourbon & Nine Fathoms Gin win Bronze at the NZ Spirits Awards


  • Maple Moonshine awarded Silver at the NZ Spirits Awards
  • Smokin' Right Rear Moonshine awarded Gold & Best Overall Flavoured Vodka at the NZ Spirits Awards
  • Release of New Zealand's First Corn Whisky - Dusky DS1
  • The first ever New Zealand Red Corn Whisky Barrelled
  • Release of our 2022 Explorer Series - Bourbon


  • Release of our first Single Malt Whisky Smoked
  • Apple Pie Moonshine awarded Bronze at the NZ Spirits Awards
  • Release of our second batch of Dusky Corn Whisky
  • Moved from the garage into a bigger production space
  • Release of New Zealand's first Blue Corn Whisky


    Our People

    Our CEO(Chief Everything Officer) is Tom. From grain to glass, to delivery, marketing, and sales; Tom does it all.

    Our Distillery Operations Assistant is Alannah. She's responsible for much of the labelling, boxing, and other assorted jobs that keep this place running smoothly.

    One of our Bootleggers is Ty, who is in charge of trade sales. He's got a great background in the industry and knows his stuff. 

    Finally, we have our other Bootlegger, Hayley, who runs our market stall at the Christchurch Farmers Market and helps out at the distillery sometimes.