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2021 - A year of firsts

2021 started very quietly. After the initial releases of our Original and Cinnamon Moonshines, alongside our first batch of Nine Fathoms Gin, we went hard on finding a way to make more product and introduce new ones. 

Our Batch numbers speak for themselves:

3x Original Moonshine
5x Cinnamon Smokin' Right Rear Moonshine
4x Maple Moonshine - Introduced July 2021
3x Nine Fathoms Gin
2x Moose Lake Gin - Introduced November 2021
1x Apple Pie Moonshine - Introduced November 2021
2x Whisky batches barrelled

Maple Moonshine

For Canada Day 2021, we wanted to release something that reminded us of the True North, and it was a play on a classic Canadian whisky that inspired us. The idea of infusing Moonshine with Maple Syrup gave the option for a high proof, sweet whisky that could stand up on its own, or be a key component in cocktails. At 50%abv, this stands up, and the Maple flavours can come through.
Ever since its release, this has been our most popular Moonshine! Thank you!

Apple Pie Moonshine

After the success of our Maple Moonshine, it made sense to try a classic Moonshine favourite - Apple Pie. It's a fairly simple recipe that takes short life products like apple juice, and turns it into shelf stable product - that's what moonshine and spirits is all about. 
We used local organic Loburn Apple Juice and bottled the final product into classic Ball Mason Jars for that classic Moonshine appeal. The big downside is that these jars are expensive and in short supply. 
We sold out very quickly and we will definitely be doing this again! Thanks!

Moose Lake Classic Gin

As the year progressed and as we made more and more Moonshine, we found we had a surplus of leftover alcohol that was unsuitable to Moonshine, but could be rectified into something more neutral. Given the demand on our Gin line, and the lack of stock, we made the decision to try to create a Classic Gin with a simple classic profile that we could keep in stock more often. 
It's been our most popular product since its release, so thank you again!

Our new still "Eddie"

Late in 2020 we had been planning for a new still, and naturally we decided it had to be a full copper pot. After a lot of research, discussions, and planning, we finally received shipment of our 200L pot still in July. The new still is a classic copper pot and doesn't use any plates. It's a vital part of our set up and allows us to make NZ Single Malt Whisky. 
We've named it Eddie after Eddie Herrick, who surveyed the moose population in Fiordland during the 1920s and 30s. 

Our new mash tun "Murray"

Mashing has been a huge pain point for our operation up until now. We purchased an old holding tank and was lucky enough to have some help from Doyleston Engineering to get a false bottom setup so we can mash properly. It's a great piece of kit and we're lucky to have such a perfectly sized mash tun for our operation. 

Christchurch Farmers Market

In August, we finally got set up to start at the Christchurch Farmers Market at Riccarton Bush. After an amazing start, and only 2 weeks, we had our August lockdown, and the recovery afterwards was a bit of a long process. However, you all showed up and supported us and had great chats and we're hugely thankful for it! It's been the highlight of the week being able to talk to everyone and introduce you to our products. Thank you! We will be there all 2022 as well. 

Blue Hopi Corn

Finally, 2021 was the year we harvested, mashed, and distilled our Canterbury grown Blue Hopi Corn. It was a tough growing season and the harvest and drying was fairly hard as well. Every cob was hand picked and hand kernelled, before finally being mashed and distilled with mix of malted barley giving a 50/50 mix. If something could taste "blue," it's this. We can't wait for 2023 to share it with you. 


Happy 2022 everyone!

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