2023 Explorer Series Release - American Rye Whisky – Herrick Creek Distillery

2023 Explorer Series Release - American Rye Whisky

2023 Release

We're really excited to have recently released our third release of the Explorer Series. For 2023, we have an American-made Rye Whisky, finished in Waipara, NZ Pinot Noir barrel. 

This whisky has a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, meaning it has a very strong rye flavour. Rye is known as the spicy grain, and this whisky doesn't disappoint in that regard. However, it was almost too strong on its own, and that's where our finishing came in. 

When the Rye whisky arrived in New Zealand, it was already 3 years old, and had pulled a lot of great flavour from the new American oak it was in. We then moved it into an ex-Pinot noir barrel from a winery in Waipara, here in North Canterbury. The combination of French oak and red wine mellowed the whisky enough to make it easily palatable, while offering new dark fruit flavours into the mix. 

At 46%, this mix of American & Kiwi flavours makes for an amazing one-of-a-kind whisky. There are only 422 bottles, and they are already about a quarter sold out, so get in quick!


What is the Explorer Series?

While we wait on our own New Zealand made whiskies to finish ageing, we want to explore the world of flavours and bring unusual spirits to NZ. Like the explorers who went searching for Moose in the wilds of Fiordland, we're exploring the world of spirits flavours. 

These releases are not made by Herrick Creek. We import these spirits, and may finish them, then we bottle and release them, much like an Independent Bottler would. 

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