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Alcohol Licence Application - Remote Sales Only

Hello everyone! 

This week we submitted our alcohol licence application with the Christchurch City Council to get an off-licence for remote sales. That means our licence would only allow for remote sales

I just wanted to address some points here for anyone visiting our website in regards to this application:

  1. Questions or concerns? Contact me! Let's have a chat 
  2. We are currently a one-man operation, operating on a very small scale
  3. We intend to leave the suburbs and get into a more suitable facility as soon as financially possible
  4. We really encourage responsible drinking habits - the last thing we want is for anyone to harm themselves or others while enjoying a drink
  5. We are not open to the public in any way
  6. Our goal is to produce and sell quality spirits for enthusiasts who enjoy responsible drinking
  7. We will comply with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
  8. We encourage everyone to visit sites like for more information on safe drinking practices
  9. We will not have any signage at our physical address - we don't want to bother anyone at all
  10. We do not create any noise or obstruction to the community
  11. We will display our Public Notice at the road
  12. You can see our application notice on the CCC's website or at the CCC's building on Hereford St. 

Again, we are not open to the public but I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have and address any concerns you might have.

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