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Barrel 1 Batch 1

Yesterday afternoon we barrelled our first batch of whisky. It really is the stuff of dreams and the most stressful thing I've done in a long while. There's nothing scarier than pouring 2 months of hard work into a wood cask and hoping for the best. 

It took us 2 months from grain to barrel! That's a long time. I think we can do it in 1 month next time though - we had to learn our systems and fight the cold but now we know how to do things more efficiently and warm our fermenters during these cold Christchurch nights. 

Batch 1 will be available for pre-sale once our alcohol licence comes through. We're in no rush but at the same time we can't wait to see what it matures into.

The new make is actually quite good for new make. I think it's the best new make I've ever made. It's smells young but under that is this amazing banana bread or candy note. We'll have a select few bottles of the new make available soon as well. 

Batch 1 is made from all malted corn, wheat, and barley which are all grown and malted here in Canterbury. It's a pretty unique mash bill and I'm glad it came out of the still quite unique as well. 

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