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Batch 2 - The "What am I?" batch

Before batch 1 was even in the barrel we had already started mashing in for Batch 2. It's intended to be our first un-aged release and it started life with the intention of being our Nine Fathoms gin. 

However, after realising we needed to start sourcing our botanicals, we realised we couldn't find them! Dealing with food safety regulations is great but it can make sourcing things quite difficult. So as this realisation came into effect, we changed it to simply "Neutral Grain Spirit," which is a spirit of neutral flavour created with grain - barley in this case. 

We started contacting whoever we could and did find some options, but they were well above what we could afford (or need) so we thought that this batch may actually end up as our first batch of Seaforth Vodka. Not a bad option! I'm actually really excited to release some vodka, but barley wasn't my grain of choice for it. 

By some stroke of luck, I remembered a supplier that I had long forgotten of and immediately I got in touch. It turns out that they have exactly what we need and we finally have a source of Juniper & Coriander! These are the two main botanicals for Gin and without them, Nine Fathoms was only a dream. 

With that settled, Nine Fathoms is back on for Batch 2! Today, 30/7, is our last stripping run so the spirit runs are on for this weekend and will most likely be available for sale this August. 

100% Canterbury Malted Barley with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Citrus, and a couple New Zealand surprises.

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