"Biscuits" Batch 4 - Barrel 2 Malt Grain Whisky – Herrick Creek Distillery

"Biscuits" Batch 4 - Barrel 2 Malt Grain Whisky

It was another auspicious day on Thursday when we finally got to fill our second baby barrel! This batch took exactly 1 month from grain to barrel, which we're really happy with. 

Batch 4 is Malt Grain Whisky, made from 50% Corn, 25% Wheat, 25% Barley - all malted. It's exactly like Batch 1. I had my doubts about how it would turn out during the low wines phase but it ended up being absolutely amazing in the end. 

We've named it "Biscuits" because the early records of the young moose calves in Wellington mention their love for the stable worker's biscuits. 

This has gone into the twin sister of Batch 1's barrel - it's a new American oak barrel with a #3 char on it. 

Speaking of Batch 1 - we're due to crack it open for a test come 13 September! Can't wait to see what 2 months does in a small barrel. My guess is it hasn't done much, which is also what I'm hoping. the longer it gets to age and mellow in the barrels, the better. We're lucky that the distillery is a very cold place so it should be perfect for long ageing. 

Alongside this Batch's completion comes the opportunity for a new offering. With our first batch of Gin and Moonshine not far away, we are also going to offer a few 1L barrels of this Batch 4 whisky. Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement. 

Unfortunately, we won't be making more whisky for at least another month or so as we're hard into product of Batch 5(Moonshine) and Batch 6 (Gin). 


Oh - and something else is coming as well for year end. Something big and something American. Keep your eyes peeled. 

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