Bourbon - 2021 Explorer Series Release – Herrick Creek Distillery

Bourbon - 2021 Explorer Series Release

The story of Herrick Creek is one of adventure and pushing the boundaries. Importing foreign moose to establish a colony here in New Zealand's southern most, and remotest area is an ambitious project and one that sings through decades since. 
At Herrick Creek Distillery, we are continuing in that spirit by having imported a single barrel of American Straight Bourbon. This is a high-wheat mash bourbon distilled in Indiana and it's been aged over two and a half years in new American oak, as is American law. 
However, we're not just releasing a Bourbon, we've decided to add a bit of New Zealand to the batch. To do so, we've transferred this batch to an ex-Marlborough Pinot Noir cask, where it has been quietly mellowing for over 3 months now. 
What is the Explorer Series? On top of crafting our own New Zealand spirits, we intend to search the world, (not just America!) for unique single barrels that we can import and share with our customers! It's hard to get some of the more unique or smaller country's whiskies down here in NZ, so this is a way to explore those spirits and see what we can add, if necessary. 
Our Bourbon has been quietly resting in that ex-pinot barrel since the end of November and it will stay in there until we get closer to the release, sometime in March or April
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In the meantime, we are still working away on our own whisky batches and may have our first release coming mid-year! Again, signing up for the newsletter is the best way to stay up-to-date on that. 
This batch of Bourbon will be our first whisky release and your support now will in-turn help us create our own whisky and continue to do future Explorer Series batches in the future, not just limited to American spirits. 
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  • First to know and purchase the CANTERBURY Bourbon for the old man!👍🏼


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