Hand Sanitiser and Licences – Herrick Creek Distillery

Hand Sanitiser and Licences

I hope everyone out there is holding up alright and ready for the coming times! It's truly sad and worrying to see how far spread the new virus is and the impact it's having on communities around the world. 

We are only a couple weeks away from starting production at the distillery. All the papers have been signed and we're just waiting on the final approvals now. 

With that said, our first batch of product won't be potable at all - instead, we are going to start by making basic sanitising solution for those in need. As much as we want to get stuck in creating great spirits, if we have the means to help prevent the spread of this, we plan on doing what we can. 

More updates will come as the licences come in and in the meantime, follow our channels on Facebook and Instagram for updates. 

I wish we were launching our distillery at a different time, when the world wasn't in such turmoil, but we hope to rise to the challenge and we hope everyone stays safe!



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  • Well done Tom and yes at this time sanitiser is much needed, wish You well with your new venture, regards the Godfather

    Dick Gray

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