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Here's the thing about shipping...

We all expect Free Shipping nowadays - ol' Amazon and other big players have made it the norm. The reality is that shipping, even just within New Zealand, is really expensive, especially for small businesses. 

Here's a quick breakdown of our shipping rates as of July 2022:

- Free Shipping in Greater Christchurch - We actually deliver most of these orders ourselves, that's why we can do it for free. 

- Free Shipping Nationwide over $99 - We really want shipping to be free so although posting nationwide can cost anywhere from $9 to $18, we decided we'd rather get you the value and free shipping then pass on that huge extra cost. 

- Under $99, $8.99 - Instead of charging you the full shipping cost, we decided we'd subsidise it for you. On the $8.99 charge, we usually pay an extra $4-$5. Likewise with Rural. 

We've looked at all the options out there - we checked with all the couriers that would work with us on our small scale. We tried shipping in satchels, which was cheaper, but riskier and not as appealing to receive, so we've kept to boxes mostly now. 

This short post is just to show you the costs involved with shipping in NZ. Shipping overseas is a lot worse. A single bottle shipped to Canada is about $60 + duty for the customer. A single bottle to Australia is about $32.

We're continuing to work on shipping rates and will update as we can get better pricing. Hopefully costs only go down, and not up, otherwise we may have to go in the opposite direction as well. We'll do our best to avoid that at all costs though. 

Thanks for all your continued support! Always feel free to send us questions or feedback as well.

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