Herrick Creek wins Bronze for Nine Fathoms Gin & Explorer Series Bourb – Herrick Creek Distillery

Herrick Creek wins Bronze for Nine Fathoms Gin & Explorer Series Bourbon

Spirits competitions are sometimes considered to be a bit of a waste of time to younger distilleries, but we thought the NZ Spirits Awards was a great chance to get our spirits out there and get some feedback!

We submitted our Nine Fathoms Gin and our Explorer Series Bourbon for judging and both came back with Bronze! Not a bad effort for our first time.

With the NZ spirits industry booming, especially gin, Awards like these are a great way to get feedback and exposure. Our gin, made 100% by us from grain to glass, is the one we really needed the most feedback on, because we want to make sure we do all we can to make the most out of our time and financial investment so that you get the absolute best gin. 

For our Bourbon, we didn't make it, so a lot of the credit goes to MGP but we did finish it and it's that finishing feedback that we're most interested in for future projects.  

At the end of the day, it's our customer's feedback that matters most and the feedback has been stellar! Our Gin and Bourbon are two of our most celebrated spirits and some people have even called our Gin the best they've ever had! That's a compliment. 

Thanks again for your support!


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