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November Barrel Aged Releases

It's hard to knock at the success of our recent Dusky New Zealand Whisky release - it sold out in under two weeks and has had amazing feedback! Thanks to everyone who bought a bottle! It goes to show that New Zealand needs a bit more corn whisky. 

That said, we're excited to release two barrel aged expressions this November:

First, is our 2022 Explorer Series Bourbon. This is the same barrel as the 2021 release, but it's been ageing in a small format barrel, and is now over 4 years old! It's spent about half its life in New Zealand now and packed with candied fruit and classic Bourbon notes. Less than 60 bottles will be available!

Second, is our Barrel Reserve Moonshine Batch 2. This is our Original Corn Mash Moonshine, aged in a small format barrel for over 7 months. It's a testament to what a barrel can do in such a short period, even over the winter months! This is not a whisky, but it's a great whisky substitute - it has a lower price point than other local offerings, which means it's great for mixing! It's also Solera aged. Less than 40 bottles available!


These are the last barrel aged releases for 2022, and the first release in 2023 might not be until about April. That will be a heavy smoked NZ Single Malt.

Also, keep an eye out for our Taster Box sets, featuring our 3 main Moonshines, Original, Maple, & Cinnamon! We'll announce that on socials and email. 

As a small batch producer, we will run out of stock on many things, so if you're wanting some for the holidays, be sure to get in while stock is available. We will also be closed 21 December to 20 January while we make a visit to Canada! Orders can be placed in that time, but will not be shipped until we return. 

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