Thank you, 2020 – Herrick Creek Distillery

Thank you, 2020

We all have pretty mixed feelings for 2020, ourselves including. However, 2020 for Herrick Creek was a momentous year and we wanted to share those wins with you. 

At the start of 2020, Herrick Creek was still months away from production. Just as Covid reached our shores, we were ready to get our approvals and things came to a halt. Unfortunately, we had to wait until Level 3 to get our Customs licence and Food Certifications but from there it was full steam ahead. 

Our first production batch was our Malt Grain Whisky, which we call Dusky, and we mashed and distilled it from Canterbury corn, wheat, and barley. It's been quietly ageing in a small 25L barrel now since July. Since then , we've put down a second batch of this whisky into a sister barrel. 

We also got through our first batch of Nine Fathoms gin and had delays finding some bottles for it. We ended up with a really awesome blend of botanicals and it comes out at Navy Strength - what a win!

Throughout all this was our moonshine production. What started as a singular Cinnamon moonshine called "Smokin' Right Rear" has turned into what may become a lineup. More to come!

Smokin' Right Rear sold out quickly thanks to all the great locals and especially thanks to those awesome speedway fans. More will be coming very soon!

Finally, we completed the import of a barrel of Straight Bourbon from the USA. It's currently being finished and waiting for its release, a few months into 2021. 


With a new year comes a clean slate. We're really excited to start the new year strong. Here's what to expect in the new year:

- More Smokin' Right Rear and Original Moonshine

- New Moonshine flavours

- More batches of Nine Fathoms Gin

- Release of our Explorer Series Bourbon!

- More barrels of Dusky NZ Whisky

- Start of our Single Malt Whisky program - time to fill some barrels!

We may be small, but we're scrappy and excited to see how else we can grow and push the NZ spirits industry. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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