Waimak Blue New Zealand Blue Corn Whisky – Herrick Creek Distillery

Waimak Blue New Zealand Blue Corn Whisky

Grown 100% by hand in 2020/21 by ourselves, here in Canterbury, this Blue Corn Whisky was a first of its kind in New Zealand. 51% Blue Corn and 49% Malted Barley, this is a true Canterbury Whisky. 

We ended up with only 28 bottles, bottled at 46%abv, and we ran a ballot for this release, which was very successful. 

The flavour was unlike any whisky we have ever tried or made - blueberry pie, vanilla custard, burnt caramel, purple grape, to name a few. 

This was the first release in our Heritage Series lineup, and the next one is slated for late 2024 with a red corn, Bloody Butcher, release. Thank you for all your interest!

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