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What is Moonshine, and can it be Moonshine if it's taxed?



What is Moonshine?

Moonshine has a storied past, steeped in rebellion, resourcefulness, and a good deal of mystery. Originally, the term 'moonshine' referred to illegally produced spirits that were crafted under the cover of darkness to evade taxes and regulations - hence the name 'moonshine', as much of this outlawed distilling took place by the light of the moon.

This illicit distillation gave birth to spirits with bold, unique flavours, often crafted with whatever ingredients were locally available. It was a practice born out of necessity and resourcefulness, and it's these elements that have made the idea of moonshine so romantic and appealing.

At Herrick Creek, we use the term 'moonshine' to pay homage to this spirit of independence and innovation. While we don't operate in secret by the light of the moon, we channel the innovative spirit of those original moonshiners in crafting our unique, corn-based moonshines.

However, unlike the bootlegged spirits of the past, our moonshine is produced within the law, which includes paying our taxes. Why, you may ask? Well, operating within the law allows us to ensure what you're drinking is not just delicious, but also safe, consistent, and of high quality.

While the term 'moonshine' has its roots in illegality and evasion, today it's about capturing a spirit of bold flavour, craft, and local character. It's about honouring the past while embracing the quality and safety that come with responsible production.

So, while we might not be outlaws, we believe we've captured a bit of that rebellious spirit in each bottle of Herrick Creek moonshine. Here's to enjoying a bit of 'moonshine' history, responsibly made for the modern world. Cheers!


How Does Moonshine Taste?

If you're new to moonshine, you might be wondering what to expect when you take that first sip. After all, moonshine's illicit history and distinctive crafting process surely must produce something unique on the palate, right? You're not wrong!

At its core, our moonshine tastes much like a white corn whisky. It carries the naturally sweet, full-bodied flavours of the New Zealand corn we use, making for a smooth and enjoyable sipping experience. If you're a whisky aficionado, you'll find familiar notes in our moonshine. But don't be surprised by its unique character that's all its own.

For those who enjoy their spirits in cocktails, our moonshine mixes splendidly, much like vodka. Its robust corn flavours can stand up to a variety of mixers and cocktail recipes, lending a delightful twist to your favourite drinks.

And let's not forget our flavoured moonshines. Each variant takes on the flavour profile of whatever we're infusing it with. From Smokin' Right Rear Cinnamon to Maple and Apple Pie, these moonshines transform into the flavour they're infused with, offering a wide range of tasting experiences.

So, whether you're savouring it neat like a whisky, mixing it like a vodka, or exploring our flavour-infused variants, our moonshine offers a unique tasting journey that honours its rebellious roots while embracing its modern craft. Enjoy the adventure!

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  • Hi ya, I love the idea and history of moonshine as well as the taste and the flavours Herrick Creek distill. Took me years to find moonshine in NZ, so thank you.
    I’m curious to know why the apple pie is 20% alcohol content? No complaints just curious.
    Also do you guys have tours of your distillery?
    Cheers. Keep up the great work.


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