Cocktails – Herrick Creek Distillery

Cocktail Suggestions

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 Smokin' Right Rear Moonshine

1. Apple Pie
60ml Smokin' Right Rear
120ml Apple Juice
Brown Sugar for Rim
Cinnamon stick or Apple Slices to Garnish

Wet the rim of your glass a bit and sugar the rim with the brown sugar.

In a shaker, shake Moonshine, Apple Juice, and handful of ice.

Serve cold with cinnamon stick to garnish

Nine Fathoms Navy Strength Gin

1. Classic Gin & Tonic
60ml Nine Fathoms Gin
120ml Tonic Water
7ml Lemon Juice
3 Slices of Lemon
Pinch Black Pepper
Thyme Sprig
1 Cup Ice

Stir all together and garnish with the pepper, lemon slices, pepper, & thyme.