Custom – Herrick Creek Distillery


If you're in need of custom labels for an event like a conference, wedding, or club, we can help! Christchurch-made Moonshines are a great offering at any sized event.

We can design and print labels with your logo or desired text and make them to suit a size that works for you. From 50ml to 700ml bottles, there are lots of choices. While we have some legal text that must go on each bottle, it can be customised almost entirely to what you need.

We have 50ml sample bottles which are great as wedding favours and event handouts!

Up to 700ml jars that are great as corporate or family gifts!

We do ask for a minimum quantity of at least 10 large bottles, or 40 small bottles. The labels will look somewhat different to our retail labels - they are limited edition batches, after all. 

We need at least 4 weeks notice, preferably more. If we cannot accommodate a request, we will let you know immediately. 

For more details, contact Tom at