Moonshine – Herrick Creek Distillery


What is Moonshine?

To most, 'Moonshine' is the term to refer to any illegal spirit in the USA. Typically, it is a spirit made under the shine of the moon and is done in secret to avoid paying tax and regulations. 

To us, Moonshine is a really unique product and something not often available in great quantity in New Zealand. Ours is 100% legal but we're using time honoured recipes and fermentation techniques to make sure this is authentic a taste as possible. 

Made with New Zealand Corn

When we were deciding which corn to use for this, we had a few options, but in the end we chose North Island-grown corn for our recipe. The un-malted nature of the corn gives the spirit an incredible creamy smell and flavour. Moonshine is using what's around you and we would be crazy to use anything other than New Zealand-grown corn. 

Sour Mash Traditional Recipe

Unlike whisky, Moonshine is a free-for-all in the ingredients basket. The original recipe we are using is a generational sour mash recipe which means that each time we distill, we use some of the backset from the still to kickstart the next fermentation. Most of the corn is re-used in the next batch and the yeast never has to be replaced, if done right. 

This recipe is what gives the final spirit it's unique creamy smell and flavour and it only gets better with each generation. 

Original vs Smokin' Right Rear

We have two moonshines on offer for now - an original recipe corn moonshine, and a cinnamon-infused 'Smokin' Right Rear' recipe. 

The original is a clear spirit and imparts lots of corn and cream flavours.

Smokin' Right Rear is made in honour of Sprint Cars and dirt racing! It's hot, spicy, but sweet and fun as well. We let the original recipe age with cinnamon until we get the perfect amount of sweet and spicy. This one is great for friends but can also make a mean 'Apple Pie'.