Herrick Creek Maple Moonshine: Award-Winning Spirit from Christchurch – Herrick Creek Distillery
Summer Maple Moonshine

Summer Maple Moonshine

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Discover a truly unique taste with Herrick Creek's Summer Maple Moonshine. Crafted right here in Christchurch, we start with our Original Moonshine and infuse it with genuine Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup. The result is a spirit that's pleasantly sweet, rich, and easy to enjoy.

Our 'Summer' Maple Moonshine is a variant of our hugely popular Maple Moonshine, just with a lower alcohol percentage, coming in at 35%abv. This is a limited release Moonshine.

Please don't worry if you see some cloudiness or sediment - it's completely normal and just part of our artisanal production process. The brown colour you'll notice is all thanks to the Maple Syrup we add post-distillation - no added colour.

35%abv | 70 proof | 700ml
Cloudiness/sediment is normal.