2022 NZ Spirits Awards - Trophy, Gold, & Silver – Herrick Creek Distillery

2022 NZ Spirits Awards - Trophy, Gold, & Silver

We're not huge on submitting our spirits into competitions. However, for the second year we did decide to enter a couple of spirits into the NZ Spirits Awards, as it's a great local competition.

In 2021, we entered our Nine Fathoms Navy Strength Gin and our 2021 Explorer Series Bourbon and we were lucky enough to win Bronze for both of them. 

For 2022, we entered our Maple Moonshine and Smokin' Right Rear Cinnamon Moonshine for judging and came out with a Silver and Gold! On top of that, Smokin' Right Rear won the Best Overall Flavoured Vodka trophy!

Smokin' Right Rear Cinnamon Moonshine - Trophy & Gold

To win Gold at this event is a huge deal. Gold is only awards to outstanding spirits, so for our fun "Smokin' Right Rear" to win this, is huge! We entered this into the Flavoured Vodka category and we were the only Flavoured Vodka to be awarded a Gold. Only 4 vodkas were awarded Gold in total. 

The Trophy of Best Overall Flavoured Vodka is a huge compliment and our first ever trophy! It's a big deal and we're very excited!

We put a huge amount of time and effort into make our Cinnamon Moonshine, and it was the very first product we released, so we're over the moon with the result.

Maple Moonshine - Silver

We entered our hugely popular Maple Moonshine into the Liqueur category and came out with a Silver! A huge accomplishment for a Moonshine that was supposed to be a one-time batch. We love that everyone enjoys this as much as we do and we're really glad it's not a medal winner. 


We didn't enter the Original Moonshine this year, but we will next year, along with our first ever whiskies! Thanks for the continued support! 

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