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2023 Dusky Corn Whisky Release

In 2022, we released New Zealand's first ever aged Corn Whisky, called Dusky. After a hugely successful release, and tons of great positive feedback, we're really excited to announce batch two of Dusky. 

New Zealand Corn Whisky

Any whisky designated as "New Zealand Whisky" must be made entirely in New Zealand, and aged at least 2 years. The addition of "corn" to the designation shows that this release is made for more than 51% corn. It also is made with wheat & barley.

Mash Bill

For this release, we used un-malted yellow corn from the North Island, alongside malted wheat, and malted barley from Canterbury. This includes a small percent of manuka smoked malted barley.

This differs from batch 1, as previously we used malted corn, and no smoked grains. This batch is 62.5% corn. There is less wheat in this batch, and more barley. 


Even with the addition of manuka smoked barley, it still smells and drinks very much like a corn whisky. The smoke shows up primarily on the back of the taste - it's quite muted, by design. There is a sweet cherry with vanilla and burnt caramel. 


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