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We're moving! Herrick Creek moves location to increase production

Since 2019, Herrick Creek has been growing in a single car garage in Christchurch. The space seemed big enough at first, but it quickly became smaller, and smaller. 2022 saw our biggest growth yet and we can no longer grow in the space, so we are excited to announce that we are expanding to a new, larger location!

Our expansion comes at the beginning of a recession, but it will allow us to increase production on all fronts and begin to offer our spirits in retail locations nationwide. We understand this recession may be hard on most people and we always strive to keep our product price as low as possible and we want to make them easily accessible to avoid shipping charges. 

The new location will allow us to expand our line of moonshines, while also distilling more whisky and gin. It opens the doors for new products and new experiences. 

For now, nothing will change on your end, but soon we will be able to offer a small cellar door and order pickups. Keep an eye on our Instagram & Facebook pages for updates @herrickcreek

Thanks for all your support! We can't wait to share the new space with you. 

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