Moose Lake New Zealand Dry Gin – Herrick Creek Distillery
Moose Lake New Zealand Dry Gin

Moose Lake New Zealand Dry Gin

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Reintroducing Moose Lake Gin! as a HAZY GIN!

Crafted in Christchurch, this unique whey-based gin is distilled with simplicity in mind, using only juniper berries to ensure a taste that's as pure as the land it hails from. Each sip offers a refreshing simplicity, a tribute to the solitary moose that roams the mythical landscapes of Fiordland.

Hazy gin is gin that has "louched" due to the oils in the gin. It's physical proof of the amount of flavour packed into the bottle! We use a lot of juniper berries for this gin, and we pot still it for the most flavour. It's got so much juniper oil that it even gets "Flocc" which is white floaties that show the oils and fats congealing. It's more proof of flavour, and a quick shake will get rid of that. 

This is a very juniper forward gin, meant to be simple, and enjoyable. Made from whey alcohol made in New Zealand, and re-distilled and crafted into Moose Lake Gin by Herrick Creek in Christchurch.