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Own a Cask

We at Herrick Creek believe in small batch spirits and that flexibility means we can offer it our customers at a great price and it will be custom made. 

Our Own a Cask program is really simple - tell us what you want, and we'll make it for you. You'll have the pleasure of ageing your own barrel of New Zealand Whisky at home for as long or as short as you'd like. 

You'll get a few choices:

Malt Grain Whisky - Corn, Wheat, & Barley 100% Malted (Our Specialty), or

Single Malt Whisky - Manuka & Peat Smoked Malted Barley

New Toasted French Oak w/stand & tap
New Charred American Oak
Used Bourbon Barrel
Used Pinot Barrel
10 Litre
$1500 NZD
20 Litre
$2900 NZD
$2900 NZD
$2900 NZD
$2900 NZD


Which barrel should I choose?

In the distillery, we tend to use New Charred American oak for our Malt Grain whisky and then we use used barrels for the Smoked Single Malt whisky. 

A toasted barrel gives off less colour and less flavour into the whisky. It will offer up more vanilla and oak tanin flavours though. It's a bit easier to age longer in a toasted barrel because the flavours won't be infused into the whisky as fast but it may impart a slightly spicier flavour. 

A charred barrel gives that heavy oak, caramel, toasty/char flavour that is really prevalent in American-styled whiskies. You get a lot more flavour from the barrel with these and 1-2 years is probably maximum age in these. 

Used barrels will impart less flavour from the barrel and allow you to age a product longer in the barrel, while also adding hints of what was aged in the barrel previously. For bourbon barrels, that means those toasty caramel notes, and for pinot barrels you'll get a more fruity flavour and red/purple colour. 

What's included?

Base spirit, any GST, and Excise tax. You'll also get a sample of the new make spirit as well as a certificate of authenticity. 

What can I expect?

You can age your whisky for as long or as short as you'd like. Minimum, you should keep it in the barrel for 3 months but don't exceed 2-3 years as you'll lose most of the base spirit flavour and only taste oak flavours. 

How long before I get it?

Well, we have to make it and ensure it's up to standards so it could take up to 2-3 months before you receive your barrel with your new make whisky. Our distiller will be in touch with a timeline and updates - this is your whisky, so we want you to have your input and get what you want.

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