Ballot Entry - Dusky Whisky Batch DS3 – Herrick Creek Distillery
Ballot Entry - Dusky Whisky Batch DS3

Ballot Entry - Dusky Whisky Batch DS3

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We're using this 'ballot' system, to make bottles available in a more fair system, rather than first come, first served. 

Dusky New Zealand Corn Whisky DS3 - CASK STRENGTH

$149.99 | 500ml | 53.6%abv

New Zealand Malt Corn Whisky - Malted Corn, Malted Wheat, & Malted Barley

60% Corn, 24% Wheat, & 16% Barley

Aged in New American Oak, and finished in a used Maple Syrup barrel

How it works

  1. Add "Ballot Entry - Dusky Whisky Batch DS3" to your cart and check out. There is no charge.
  2. Once processed, you have agreed to purchase the whisky if you win. Once a whisky is allocated to a successful draw entrant, the product is no longer available for other entrants to buy.
  3. The ballot will be drawn on release day, equal to the number of bottles being released. The winners will be notified by email, and sent an invoice that can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
  4. If you have purchased a free ballot, but decide ahead of the release date that you no longer wish to purchase, please email us immediately at
  5. If fewer ballots were taken up than there are bottles in the release, ballot entries will get to purchase first, and any remainders will be made available to the public, via email & social media. 
  6. A ballot does not guarantee you a bottle. It does guarantee you an entry into the draw for a fair chance to purchase.
  7. Limited to 1 ballot per person. Additional entries will be removed.

Why do we use this system?

  1. A ballot system offers a more fair system for everyone wanting to purchase a bottle, especially for limited release items like our whiskies.
  2. We often hear that our customers may not check their email quick enough and miss out on a release due to this. We don't want to make it stressful or unfair on release day - everyone should have a fair shot at this. 


This batch is a Family Reserve release. It was distilled the month Distiller Tom's daughter was born, and two years later they've been able to empty the barrel together.